The Hashtag Cortex

Escaping the deadly radiation of the tech industry pulsar this time Inside The Data Cortex.

  • This year has been “The Year of all Flash” and Mark didn’t notice.
  • Weeks after day one Stephen and Mark discuss day one. It was kind of like day zero and not much different than day two. But day two had the world’s largest donut at Dell EMC World.
  • Weight gain and not much weight loss at tradeshows.
  • Stephen on the Goldilocks approach to embracing the public cloud and the tyranny of selection bias.
  • Do Google consider themselves an enterprise supplier?
  • This time of year there’s no sunshine anywhere outside of California. Says man living in California.
  • Software Defined Storage is kind of interesting. Says customer who thinks the installation packages will do everything.
  • Scale out is still a hard problem.
  • Mark has looked at home grown storage solutions and sees a lot of ugly babies. (Sorry! He’s not sorry.)
  • The Botnet of Things is real and your dishwasher is hitting someone with a denial of service attack right now.
  • This episode in reading things. Alcatraz Verses the Evil Librarians, Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, Steinbeck’s The Winter of our Discontent, Ken Clarke’s Kind of Blue and Stalin Paradoxes of Power.

No one likes to give up power. Go before you are pushed. Because it will be people like us doing the pushing.

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