Honoring Dell EMC’s Core Technologies Technical Directors

In the modern business world, executives get all the external recognition. It’s just a few weeks into the Dell acquisition of EMC, and most people already know names like: Marius Haas, Jeff Clarke, David Goulden, Jeff Clarke, Howard Elias, and Rory Read. Some of them even have their own Wikipedia pages.

A company like Dell EMC, however, cannot succeed without people who design, build, and ship the products that the executives talk about. Therefore, every quarter, we recognize the newest Dell EMC Core Technologies Technical Directors. These are senior technical leaders who have delivered a sustained business impact by delivering – products, solutions, and customer experience. They are the engine of the company. The previous recipients are detailed here.

Of course, Core Technologies continues to deliver innovative solutions, so we continue to expand the roster of Technical Directors. This quarter I’m pleased to announce:

Frederic Corniquet – Frederic has been a leader in the NAS protocols for the midrange systems for over a decade. Frederic has been a driving force in EMC’s NAS offerings growing in both technical strength and customer adoption from VNX1 to VNX2 to Unity. Frederic’s expertise extends from the NAS protocol to security to integrating with VMware for NFS data stores. As a leader in EMEA, Frederic also evangelizes and connects with some of our biggest customers. Frederic is a technical leader, evangelist, and expert who is growing EMC’s NAS business.

Rajesh Nair – Rajesh has been a leader in NetWorker for over a decade, focused on solving our largest customers’ most difficult backup challenges. He began by working on image-level backups (SnapImage) to solve customers’ large file system backup challenges. He then delivered NetWorker’s NDMP tape solution, solving customers’ large NAS file system backup challenges. Rajesh then led the team to integrate Data Domain BOOST into NetWorker, which solves performance and networking scaling challenges. Today more than half of NetWorker customers leverage BOOST. Rajesh’s decade of innovation, delivery, and leadership have driven NetWorker to be the customers’ choice for the most difficult backup challenges.

Tom Papadakis – Applications. IT teams want to speak to their application owners. Tom has led application-centric data protection for almost 20 years. Tom began by making NetWorker indexes scale for application backup. Then he developed NetWorker’s Oracle integration which allows DBA and backup administrator to work independently, while retaining centralized control. Tom also brings a customer and sales-centric viewpoint to application protection. He spearheaded the creation of NMDA – a package that combines the application support for multiple applications. The result was a dramatically improved total customer experience. As application protection spans across all of data protection, Tom has also brought together Data Domain (via DDBEA integration) and Avamar. Application protection is the present and future of backup and Tom has been at the front of that mission.

Ian Wigmore – Ian specializes in making products run fast. He began in the Symmetrix Microcode group connecting the Symmetrix to IBM’s S/390 and Z-series mainframes via the FC-2 software layers in the FICON storage director. To say that mainframe applications and users are sensitive to latency is an understatement. Ian’s performance tuning helped the Symmetrix (now VMAX) be the storage of choice for the most demanding mainframe applications. Ian was one of the initial leaders on ProtectPoint for VMAX – a product that improves backup times from VMAX to Data Domain by up to 20x. This has uniquely solved the challenge of large database backups. Fast and simple – whether it is mainframe, migration, or backup – Ian’s work separates EMC technology from the competition.

Dorota Zak – Flexibility of choice. Dorota protects customers’ core applications regardless of the tool. While she began in NetWorker, Dorota was instrumental to expanding Avamar’s application support, adding Sybase and SAP support, which helped solve backup challenges for many enterprises. Dorota then created the framework for DDBEA (which enables application admins to protect their data directly to Data Domain, without using backup software), so that it could quickly support the key 6 databases. That then extended to supporting key applications for Dell EMC’s industry leading ProtectPoint product (XtremIO and VMAX backing up directly to Data Domain). Dorota even helped SAP design the appropriate backup APIs for SAP HANA; EMC now leads the industry in protecting SAP HANA. Dorota’s work enables our customers to protect their applications however they like.

Dell EMC executives are among the industry’s best. They set our direction and guide the organization through unprecedented company and market changes. Our technical leaders, however, are the absolute best in the industry. It’s always easier to lead when you have the best and most talent. These Dell EMC Core Technologies Technical Directors are just some of the technical talent who deliver the infrastructure solutions that run the world.

~Stephen Manley @makitadremel

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