The Gallic Cortex.

This time, Inside The Data Cortex. Paris is burning but it takes us less than five minutes to begin arguing about Disney movies.

  • EMC holds an All Flash marketing event and asks Stephen to keynote. He opens by telling them Flash doesn’t matter anymore.
  • Media changes do not kill companies who know how to deal with media changes. Mark thinks the most dangerous competitors are the large companies doing business in different ways.
  • Mark laments to the EMC product family slide when it comes to Management & Orchestration. Stephen believes that every year in the latter half of this decade is the EMC year of M&O. Customers say that if EMC didn’t have ViPR it would have to go and create something like ViPR. Enterprise Copy Data Management, the new protection orchestration layer.
  • Stephen has an interest in standards since SMI-S is now looking weather beaten.
  • Case sensitivity worked for Stephen when he added so many options to the NDMP dump command that he had to move to capital letters.
  • Archiving changes, but stubbing files always sucks.
  • Terrible 80s TV shows. Where are the members of The Cosby Show now?
  • Moby Dick has fallen. Listener recommendation, Wool, starts well but finishes poorly. Mark is reading about why Ireland should leave the Euro. The Big Short, highly recommended for long haul flight viewing.
  • Star Trek, Hugh Jackman is now Old Man Wolverine, 16 Super Hero movies a year and the worst movie Mark paid to see in 2016.

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