The New Year Cortex.

In their continuing adventure through the quantum subspace of the Enterprise IT industry, Stephen Manley & Mark Twomey burst into the New Year with a double sized episode.

Once again, Inside The Data Cortex:

  • Mark has no idea about sports, probably believes sports is a verb.
  • New Years resolutions fail fast when Stephen’s show down with Herman Melville reaches a familiar crescendo. Mark started his in December, was done by Christmas.
  • It’s time to let Copy Data Management into your heart. All the copies are out there.
  •  The word Flash makes everything amazing. Everything. (Seriously.)
  • The time for search in the enterprise is now. Or soon. No. Lets say now.
  • In books we’ve read, Michael Eisner’s fall from the summit of Disney. Things crummy leaders do, the myth of the great leader, getting that Flow experience at work and how to breed the greatest warrior dynasty in the universe.

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