How Do You Integrate Technology?

How well do we at EMC integrate? Based on my latest travels, we do not integrate as well as we think and definitely not as well as our customers would like. The challenge begins with different interpretations of “integration”. The bigger challenge is in building a relationship to make integration happen.

What does integration mean? I did a brief, non-scientific survey of EMC engineering. For some, it means writing, testing, and submitting new code to an existing product. For others, it means making different products work together. For a stressed-out few, it means bringing separate code bases together. Each of those is no small feat.

Unfortunately, it misses the most important type of integration. What about integrating with the customer? That’s why we are all here, right? It’s not about the stock price, the next promotion or achieving fame inside the halls of the tech industry. Our job is to solve customers’ problems every day.

What is the secret to successful integration? Integration begins with two sides coming to an understanding. This takes effort and commitment like any well-built relationship.  The request for a relationship runs through every discussion I have with customers and internal EMC employees. We all want people to connect with us; sometimes we have to remember to connect with others!

In the tech industry’s efforts to constantly grow, change, enhance, and disrupt, we often overlook the larger challenges our customers have. Any company’s products do not live or operate alone but are a single element within an ecosystem. They must operate in concert with one another (I’ll spare you from the preaching of “seamlessly”).

Over the next few posts, we’ll talk about some of the challenges around integration between EMC and our customers. This will include: how do you integrate entirely new products, how do you integrate significant technology refreshes, and how do you integrate people (customers and engineers)?

Steven Weller @stvnwllr 

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